Thursday, June 20, 2019

B.2.C marketing stands for Business to Consumer Marketing B.2.B Marketing means Business to Business Marketing.

B.2.C marketing stands for Business to Consumer Marketing B.2.B Marketing means Business to Business Marketing.

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Online business sells to individuals. The basic concept of this model is to sell the product online to the consumers. B2c is the indirect trade between the company and consumers. It provides direct selling through online. 

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For example: if you want to sell goods and services to customer so that anybody can purchase any products directly from supplier’s website. Directly interact with the customers is the main difference with other business model. 

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As B2B it manages directly relationship with consumers, B2C supply chains normally deal
with business that are related to the customer The consumer today holds the key to any marketing initiative they research the internet before making an educated decision, they pay attention to detail, it is no longer a generation that was influenced by broadcast by way of television or print media. This generation is willing to ask questions, contribute in dialogs by means of various forums they want to share their experiences with the larger community. It is imperative to set the right tone for marketing and the fundamental that determines this is the honestly with which a product/service presents itself to the customer. There is a big market and there are several options available to the end user today, if marketing is not honest the product/service will soon be eradicated from the market, a consumer is not willing to take a chance once they have been cheated. 

A marketer’s primary focus would be to get an indepth understanding of the customer and their needs and then facilitate the positioning of the product/service in a way such that it addresses the particular need of the customer. Marketing is not the same as selling and the two have a fundamental difference, a sale is primarily just about providing a product/service in exchange for cash whereas marketing addresses the principles of business understanding with the key players being understanding the market, positioning the brand and building a mutually trustworthy relationship with the customer. Hence it goes beyond the realm of just making a sale, it aims to achieve the larger picture by building a relationship and creating a market for a product/service. 

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