Friday, July 05, 2019

Do you need a digital marketing strategy for your business?

Crafting a digital marketing strategy

In digital marketing, there is no single definitive approach – each business must create its own road-map. 

The steps and questions below cover what an organization should be aware of when creating and implementing a marketing strategy that will meet its objectives and solve its challenges. 

1. Context; The first step in crafting a successful strategy is to examine the context of the organization and the various stakeholders. What is the context in which you are operating (PESTLE factors) and how is this likely to change in the future? • Who are you, why does your brand matter and what makes your brand useful and valuable? • Who are your customers, and what needs, wants and desires do they have? • Who are your competitors? 

2. Value exchange; Once you have examined the market situation, the second step is an examination of your value proposition or promise: in other words, what unique value your organization can add to that market. It is important to identify the supporting value-adds to the brand promise that are unique to the digital landscape. What extras, beyond the basic product or service, do you offer to customers?

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