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Ad-sense Alternatives Many people have started using Google's Ad-Sense program, but there are some who find it a bit too uncertain or simply not suiting their own requirements from an ad program.

Ad-sense Alternatives Many people have started using Google's Ad-Sense program, but there are some who find it a bit too uncertain or simply not suiting their own requirements from an ad program.

But thankfully for such people, there are many alternatives to AdSense which attempt to alleviate some of its shortcomings. Here is a list of the most noteworthy ones from the lot with a description concerning each one.

AllFeeds (
AllFeeds has a great pool of online advertisers to choose from. It also features many display formats that you can choose from. These include banners, buttons, XML feeds, DHTML pop-ups and so on. It also features real time reporting of your ad status. The site will mail a check every month, provided that you earn more then $25.00, while rolling over earnings for the next month if you don't. Another interesting thing about AllFeeds is that it integrates with Google AdSense, maximizing your earnings with AdSense.

MarketBanker allows you the unique possiblity to set the pricing for your site. It also allows you to allow or reject any link that appears on your site (although AdSense itself does a very good job of this as well, with URL filters) There's also a statistics section which will allow you to see how well your site is doing. The ads are small just like AdSense's and they're just as easy to set up. Also, registration for MarketBanker is free.

BidClix is different because it has advertisers compete for clicks on your site, which in turn is meant to generate the highest possible profits for your page. It also has a very large pool of advertisers which ensure there are plenty of people to choose your site. However, it does require more polish on site contents then AdSense. As most sites, real time statistics are available and its very easy to get started with this service, but it's also very flexible.

RealContext uses Artificial intelligence to retrieve the most relevant ads for your page. And there's an extra feature which makes RealContext unique as well. Keywords are selected based upon which previous selections payed off and which didn't. That means there's a constant feedback process that ensures you gain better revenue from your ads. It also supports blocking certain adds and child-safe filtering and many more options.

AdHearus is a very feature-packed contextual ad provider. As with AdSense, advertisements are targeted but it doesn't stop here at all. The ads are very flexible, you can select from text-ads, banners, rectangles, pop-ups, pop-unders or skyscrapers. You can also display your own ads, through rotation, both on your site and on other affiliate sites, which makes AdHearus a hybrid with conventional advertising technologies. There's a very comprehensive on-line real time reporting feature and, as usual with such services, starting out is free and it's a breeze.

AffiliateSensor has highly customizable ad blocks, which you can make for yourself with an easy to use on-line interface. You also get realtime reporting with clicks-by-domain, page and refferer. There's integration with Google AdSense as well, through the google_alternate_ad_url so AffiliateSensor can be used as a substitute for Google PSA's (Public Service Ads).

Kanoodle Bright Ads (
Kanoodle's offering allows publishers to get ads related to topics or segments, and not the traditional keyword oriented ads. The site also groups publisher sites with advertisers by hand to ensure high-revenue generating ads. And speaking of revenue, the amount of money you receive is a clear 50% share of the amount of money Kanoodle recieves for an advertiser.

TargetPoint (
TargetPoint is oriented more towards content publishers. It offers full control over the look the ads, statistics over your site's overall performance and better revenue. It's free to register and you earn a guaranteed 60% of the total revenue. You can get payed with Paypal of Bank checks and (most times) wire transfers as well.

Clicksor (
Clicksor will earn you as much as 60% from the amount of money your website produces. What you get is about the same as AdSense, there are targeted text ads, you can view the revenues from your website in real time. You can receive money via PayPal or through a check every two weeks, provided that you have earned more then $50. If you haven't made that much, your earning roll over to the next period



Site Assessment

Here we get to know your business, identify your target audience, competitors and potential challenges to select keywords that will drive traffic to your website. Quick Fact: 90% of a campaign's success relies on the proper selection of keywords.

Campaign Roadmap

Based on your industry, competition and the inherent characteristics of your site, we will create a strategy meant to match or beat the competition, taking your website's structure, code, and digital footprint distribution into consideration.

On-Page SEO

We identify the technical elements of your site that can be improved and match search phrases to the pages on your site. A semantic signal evaluation ensures that your site is sending the correct information to Search Engines regarding your value proposition, products or services. Next, we create algorithmically appealing content while attempting to match your marketing language to penetrate Search filters and reach your target audience even better. Quick Fact: 70% of ranking success in small markets is attributed to On-Page factors.

The Four steps to marketing help you structure the components that make up a brand’s offering, differentiation and marketing.

American Consumer Niche Marketing Service True Marketing Firm

The Four steps to marketing help you structure the components that make up a brand’s offering, differentiation and marketing. 

American Consumer Niche Marketing Service True Marketing Firm

We generate leads and web calls through digital marketing (internet marketing); Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) Pay Per Click (P.P.C), Click to call marketing, Social Media Marketing, Article content marketing, video marketing, website creation, website audit. AMERICAN CONSUMER NICHE MARKETING SERVICES L.L.C, ONLY GENERATES HIGH QUALITY DOUBLE OPT IN LEADS that are accommodated to each client specifically by using our advanced filters.

They have been fundamentally changed by the Internet and need to be looked at in the context offered by digitally connected media and from the perspective of the consumer. How your brand is positioned in the mind of your consumer will ultimately determine your success.

1. Products (and services) Products and services are what a company sells. The Internet enables business to sell a huge range of products, from fast-moving consumer goods and digital products such as software, to services such as consultancy. Online, the experience the user has in discovering and purchasing can be considered part of the product the brand provides.

The Internet has enabled mass customization. For example, Nike ( and Converse ( allow customers to customise their own trainers. The Internet as a distribution medium also makes it possible for products such as software and music to be sold digitally.
2. Price The prevalence of search engines and of shopping comparison websites, such as, and, makes it easy for customers to compare product prices across a number of retailers; this makes the Internet a market of near-perfect competition (Porter, 2008).
These stories then go on to build connections between people, ideas, brands and products. Communities of people follow truly great brands because they want to be part of their stories. Apple is a good example of a brand with a dedicated tribal following. People want their products; they want the world to know that they have an iPhone or a Macbook. This kind of tribal following spells success for any brand.
With price differentiation becoming a challenge, especially for smaller players in the market, businesses need to consider differentiating on value. Value is a combination of service, perceived benefits and price, where customers may be willing to pay a higher price for a better experience, or if they feel they are getting something more than just the product.
3. Placement (or distribution) Product distribution and markets no longer have to be dictated by location. Simply by making their products visible online (for example, on a website or Facebook page), brands can reach a global market. The key is to reach and engage customers on the channels they are using – this is why choosing your digital tactics is vital. You want to engage customers on their terms, not yours.
Technology such as APIs, SOAP services, RSS and XML allow information and services to be distributed throughout the world. For example, the API for a hotel reservations database allows a diverse range of websites to offer instant online bookings for hotels in the inventory.
4. Promotion The Internet, as an information and entertainment medium, naturally lends itself to promoting products. The online promotional mix is an extension of the offline, but with some significant differences. For one, online promotion can be tracked, measured and targeted in a far more sophisticated way.
But promotion doesn’t just mean advertising and talking at customers – on the Internet, it’s crucial to engage, collaborate and join conversations, too. Interacting with customers helps build relationships, and the web makes this sort of communication easy. That’s why a good portion of this book is devoted to engagement tactics and tools.
5. A new P: People In addition to the existing Four Ps, the Internet requires you to consider a new P: People. This element speaks to examining the powerful human element that the digitally connected world permits: personalisation, peer-to-peer sharing, communities, and consumer- centric organisations that allow people to participate in the brand story.

Promote your new merchandise

You have new merchandise and you would like to promote it. You can get the news out quickly to the tight people by creating a flyer that you can mail or post around town. Flyers are meant to sell, introduce or explain your products or services. 

Many businesses try to save money by having their flyers designed and printed by their friends or by printers. Sadly though, the savings often results to poorly written and designed flyers. A truly professional flyer requires savvy market strategy, expert design and attention to production cost.    

Flyers serve two purposes. First off, they provide the space necessary to present lots of information. Second, it acts as a stopper that hooks prospects with a stunning image and attracts them with a stimulating headline. So, when you design and create a flyer you have to decide which elements such as addresses and coupon you want the flyer to contain. You can also personalize the flyer by choosing the color and font schemes that best reflect your business identity.

So, what makes an effective flyer? Creativity. You have to make your flyer different and unique from everyone around it. Make sure that the images and illustrations are clear not enlarged or blurred. White space. It’s often tempting to crowd as much information as possible into a small space. But keep in mind that a sea of dull text won’t get read. The white space area of your flyer that doesn’t have any text or graphics can invite readers to see what you are selling. Thus, enough white space can help lead your reader to the important information.

Consistency. People often expect to see certain object in similar places. This way it would be easy for them to look for these objects next time. Consistent advertisements will use the same color, logo, layout, images and spacing. Simplicity. As always it is important to have a simple flyer. Most people would skim the flyer on first look. They would only read the rest of the flyer when they think that it is interesting. You can maximize reading by keeping the information short and to the point. It takes time to make an impression. The first appearance of your ad may be scarcely noticed, the second noticed but not remembered and the third may make a slight impression. Thus, if there is originality, clearness, and brevity in your flyer chances are your flyer will get noticed amidst the sea of flyers around.

Inbound Marketing works on the principle of understanding specific customer groups, with specific needs.

Inbound Marketing works on the principle of understanding specific customer groups, with specific needs. 

The most important part is determining the personality of the product and what language should it communicate in to the customers. 

Outbound Marketing: This is the traditional method of marketing where the company initiates a conversation with the intent of sending a message out to the customer. 

Outbound Marketing is the opposite of Inbound Marketing and follows the traditional approach to marketing using offline methods such as trade shows, direct mails and customer calling. It intends to interrupt what you are doing or following and instigates the customer to change their current course of action or thought process. For instance, If it is an email promotion for an upcoming webcast or a banner ad showing how much money your business can potentially save, a marketer is interrupting you and asking you to move on to something else.

This is what makes this form of marketing less effective as compared to Inbound Marketing since it is attempts to bring out a change and resistance to change is always a tough phenomenon to overcome. While this may be the conventional method of marketing but it is also less effective as compared to Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing is also in line with how the society today views its marketing needs, a company shouting its needs is not really something that we want anymore, we want a company to be able to pass a message in an organic way, non intrusive and un-obstructive where a customer still feels that they are in control of the decision process and they are not forced into making a decision by a brand that shouts its value. The rise of the internet has given rise to the concepts of Inbound Marketing, the consumer is no longer reliant on billboards and TV ads to learn about products. The web has empowered a new generation of users and marketers, it has bridged the gap that separated the two and made it possible to reach a wider audience, speaking the language that they do. It has opened a whole new world of finding, buying, researching brands and products. The two way dialog now facilitated by social media has.

The basis being that this type of marketing is trying to earn a customer’s respect and not buy it, it is finding the right communication strategy that will bring the customer to the brand and incite them to engage in a conversation. Some of the most common tools to achieve this are done using social media, creating content that engages the user such a blogs, podcasts.

Student Loan Consolidation Leads.

debt relief leads

Student Loan Consolidation Leads.

tax leads

Are you looking to find prospects who need assistance consolidating their student loans from college? Call Now For Free Marketing Quote 855-454-6126

We generate student loan leads in house, no affiliate marketing. To generate Student loan Relief Leads we use  off-line & on-line marketing strategies to generate inbound student loan pay per calls with out being intrusive to the prospect.

Call Now For Free Marketing Quote 855-454-6126

We are able to use our custom lists to accurately pinpoint thousands of unique student loan holders in your areas. We cull the most valuable student loan consolidation leads and transfer them on to you in real-time. You can receive our high-quality; low-cost student loan consolidation leads in a method that is most convenient for you; either transferred and uploaded into our secure lead portal or transferred and emailed directly to you or BOTH. You can opt to receive the leads sorted by amount of loan or another criterion that you select. 

We have been providing our customers with invaluable sales leads and have served over 12,000 clients from small independent companies to large Fortune 500 corporations. Make Target Publishers your choice for student loan consolidation leads, and see sharp increases in your application ratios.

We go the extra mile and only qualify applicants transferred directly to you for a 100% contact ratio. Lead data securely stored in our lead portal for your instant retrieval. Target student loan holders nationwide or in certain states of your choice. To order student loan consolidation leads in your states simply click on the order now button below or call (855) 454-6126 to speak with a friendly marketing consultant today!

Our proprietary lead model pinpoints prospects who are excellent candidates for student loan consolidation services. By utilizing our search engine advanced analytic capabilities along with our highly accurate consumer credit demographics. We strategically market to those who are most applicable and most likely to respond. Creating an efficiency lead cycle you can rely on.

Prospects find student loan consolidation assistance related offers on the web and in the mail. Prospects submit requests for a loan consolidation quote. Our system receives those requests and initiates the screening process. Student loan debt is one of America’s largest debt problems. Data List Leader can help you reach students who qualify for loan forgiveness, debt consolidation and in some cases loan discharge. We can customize leads to fit your business model. Let us help you reach your target audience today and start generating more business for your company. 

Call Now For Free Marketing Quote 855-454-6126

7 Costly Social Media Marketing Mistakes

7 Costly Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media gives unprecedented access to people interested in your niche or industry, or the products and services you offer. However, some new users of the networks can get so excited by the prospect of more profits that they end up costing themselves through simple yet avoidable mistakes. Here are the top 7 to watch out for if you are a newbie social media marketer.

1. Unclear goals: Do you want sales, subscribers, followers? Plan every campaign around a specific goal, which you can measure by getting the target market to take particular action. By limiting the number of actions available in the message or campaign, you help to reduce returns, unsubscribes, and unfollows.

2. Unprofessional profiles: Make your profile as informative and professional as possible. Include basic information that potential customers or clients want to know, along with info that makes you stand out from your competition. A logo and colors help you to be recognized at a glance, so be sure to add a unique and professional logo to your profile.

3. Following too few people; As soon as you sign on for most social sites, they ask you what you are interested in and give recommendations as to who you might like to follow. Take these suggestions seriously and sign up, because the ones they are suggesting are usually the top participants at the site in relation to your niche.

4. Promoting too soon; Most newbies to social networking are there because they’ve heard it is a great way to reach millions of people. They no sooner sign up with their profile than they start to crank out posts, tweets, and promotions at lightning speed.

Social networks are just that, social. It's not about you hammering out promotion after promotion. Focus on building relationships and connections that are based on your common personal and/or business interests.

5. Publishing the wrong content; Every social network attracts people who prefer a specific type of content or type of delivery. For example, most Twitter users want very short and to-the-point messages. Most content online is text-based, but many social networks are driven by eye-catching content, such as images and video. Organize your material into folders for each network so you deliver the right type of content to each social media network, based on its specialties and the preferences of their users.

6. Ignoring daily search results; Conduct a quick search each day for a couple of your business's keywords and/or brand products. Look for mentions of your business, product, and/or your name. Also look for questions and positive or negative comments on other sites.

If you see questions, answer them and/or refer the person to a specific URL for more information. If you see positive comments and reviews, thank them. If you see negative, refer them to your customer service email for more details on what their issue is. The offer of help will show good will to anyone who might have seen it and sort the real customers from those who might be doing nothing more than trying to damage your reputation online.

7. Retaliating; No matter how unfair they have been. Just don’t retaliate in public. It could cost you more than you can ever imagine. Keep it professional always.

Here's Why Paying For Your Traffic Is A Smart Move

Here's Why Paying For Your Traffic Is A Smart Move

tax leads

Many on-line businesses have unsuccessfully launched a business enterprise that is Internet based but only a handful shall succeed.

Tax leads

Is this through luck? That is even more remote. It takes good business sense and a lot of help and team effort. Most importantly, it is the eagerness to succeed and the determination to learn and the willingness to invest in a lot of hard work and some money. 

The Very Basic Like Neo, traffic is “The One”. Without traffic, all your effort would just go to waste. Every business needs customers, without them you wouldn’t have anyone to sell your products to. In the internet world traffic is the walk in customer. 

Tax leads

The more traffic you have the more people would be able to sell your products to. But like any business that’s in every corner building or in the mall, not everyone that goes in will buy, but the greater of number that do come in to browse your merchandise, the greater number of people that will buy your products. It is a simple and known fact.

What to Look at When Conducting Marketing Research

What to Look at When Conducting Market Research

When you’re conducting market research, it’s important to be aware of what you’re looking at and looking for. The more you’re ready in advance before you start your research, the more likely it is that your research will be accurate.

* Define Your Problem – When you start conducting market research, you need to first define the problem and identify the objective of the research that you’re trying to accomplish. Knowing these things in advance will be helpful.

* Design the Project First – Think about all the questions you may have and how you’ll get the answers. Some you’ll be able to get via primary research, others via secondary research. Will you use a focus group, a survey or something else?

* Know What Question You’re Trying to Answer – When you start researching, you need to have a list prepared of the questions you want to answer before you even start. This is going to help direct the research that you do.

* Look for Official Sources – The best thing to do is to look for government data, trade publication data, and industry data from reputable sources. Your sources are the most important aspect of your information because they will determine whether your research is accurate.

* Start with Secondary Research – It seems strange, but the best research to start with is secondary research which is research that’s already been conducted. Find out what answers you can get from another people’s work first. Then use those results to inform your primary research.

* End with Primary Research – After you’ve done your secondary research, it’s easier to design your primary research in a way that will get the best results. The results you need will depend on the questions you have so far.

* Collect and Combine the Information – Once you’ve collected all the information you need in the methods you’ve chosen, you need to put it all together and combine it. A lot of market research is both creative and scientific, and it’s best to use both. You don’t want the research to be stifled.

* Analyze and Present – As you conduct your research, always remember and keep in mind what you are looking for as the result. How you plan to use the information matters a great deal. Is it going to be used internally or externally?

When you conduct market research you need to know what to look for, and the way that starts is that you know what you want the result to be. You know what questions the research will answer and how you’ll use it.

Student Loan Consolidation Web Calls

Performance Based Marketing Services 

Tax leads

Need Web Calls for your business? 

Tax leads

We specialize in Pay Per Call Marketing along with Leads Generation and Digital Marketing. We understand the most important metric in your advertising goals is profit, and our sole purpose is to create digital marketing campaigns that will meet or exceed your profit expectations!

Tax leads

Web Calls are generated Digital Marketing (Internet marketing); Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) Pay Per Click (P.P.C) Social Media Marketing, Article content marketing, video marketing and using Google Ad-words & Bing Ads
Only charged for calls that are over the buffer time, allowing your reps to also qualify the caller and make sure you can help them before you are billed for the call.

These calls are generated via national broadcast of radio commercials of Student Debt Resolution spots. All ads call for people who have a minimum Student debt of $10,000 or more. We are generating 50-80 calls daily and go directly once the caller calls in to your agent’s phone.

(Inbound Pre-Qualified Calls) We obtain Student Loan Debtor file (people who owe more than $10,000 in Federal Student Loans) from various sources. We use text, email, and voice broadcasting to motivate prospects to call inbound. We also give you 100% exclusivity guarantee and filter the prospects for $10k+ in student loans, $1,400 in monthly income, not enrolled in another program. All our calls go through a very rigid process of double verification before they reach you.
  Double Verified Leads 
  Fresh and newest exclusive data 
  Flexible transfer timings | Custom Criteria | Flexible Procedures