Monday, June 22, 2020

Internet Marketing for Business People Cheat Sheet.

Internet Marketing for Business People Cheat Sheet.

Top Leads Generation Productivity Boosters.

f you’re an internet marketer who is pushed for time, then it’s important that you make the very most of the time you do have. Part of this comes down to having the right strategy for building links and promoting yourself on social media. The other part comes from being focused and highly productive when you do sit down and get to work. You need to be able to capitalize on that opportunity and p lough through as much work as possible, rather than procrastinating or being distracted.

This cheat sheet is your guide to that and will help you to quickly and efficiently get more work done in less time with the right diet, lifestyle and productivity hacks.


If you want to perform at your very best, then you need to fuel your body and your mind with the right nutrition. One way to do this is to look into using nutrients that can encourage optimal mental performance and concentration.
Some options include…

Whether you prefer coffee or tea, getting your fix of caffeine is one of the best ways to increase focus and alertness, while also combating fatigue and brain fog. A cup of Americano will get your day off to a strong start!
The only problem with caffeine is that it can make you too wiry and jittery. That’s why many people are now combining their morning coffee with an l-theanine supplement or getting their hit from green teas like yerba mate that include the combination naturally. L-theanine is a xanthine like caffeine but the difference is that it is relaxing rather than excitatory and will ‘take the edge off’ to improve your mood and prevent jitters or headaches.

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