Thursday, August 15, 2019

How to use ecomerce sites to generate tax leads

In those early times, promotion was done just by having a simple e-commerce website where the product was described, mostly with a picture. 

In fact, most of these e-commerce websites were not even real e-commerce websites because they did not have options for customers to pay and buy the product. These were only a way for people to get accustomed to the product, find information on it, and then they had to visit a nearby store to buy it. This slowly underwent a change. When the financial biggies of the world realized what great opportunity lay in this world, they were quick to jump into the bandwagon and unleash their different payment modes onto these websites, making them truly e-commerce websites. 

Thus, methods such as credit card payments (Master Card and VISA were the first to join in) and online bank transfers (Pay Pal and Money bookers being the most prominent) were linked to e-commerce websites. People suddenly realized that they could buy products directly from the Internet. Internet marketing, as they knew it, underwent major strides. 

Then came the 90s and the concept of Web 2.0 set in. Marketers now realized that they could do so much more to get their products out there. They could do a lot more to notch up the visibility factor for their products. The start of this was through article marketing and, a little later, blogging. Marketers found that they could write informative articles about their products and services, mostly without naming their products directly, and post them on free and paid directories that were found all over the Internet. They found that doing so brought in a lot of readers, mainly people who were already looking some information related to their business. These were the people who then clicked on the links below the articles and visited the websites of the marketers. The concept of ‘niche marketing’ developed.

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