Credit repair leads.

Credit repair leads that are generated on social media paid and organic traffic, Credit repair leads generated with text and email messaged, credit repair leads generated by live transfers. Debt Leads, Tax leads.

  • CREDIT REPAIR LEADS NEW & EXCLUSIVE $14.50 PER LEAD. C.R Pay Per Call 25$ 1 minute buffer . AGED CREDIT REPAIR LEADS 1-6 MONTHS OLD 1$ 6-12 MONTHS OLD .50 CENTS PER LEAD. TAX DEBT LEADS EXCLUSIVE LEADS 55$ EACH. Pay Per Call 80$ 1 minute buffer, AGED TAX LEADS 30 DAYS - 6 MONTHS OLD $15.00 EACH, 6 MONTHS - 12 MONTH OLD $5.00 EACH LEAD.DEBT SETTLEMENT LEADS EXCLUSIVE & NEW $15.00 PER LEAD, Pay Per Call $60.00/ 1 minute Buffer. AGED 30 DAYS - 6 MONTHS OLD $5.00 6 MONTHS- 12 MONTHS $2.50 EACH LEAD.STUDENT LOAN CONSOLIDATION LEADS NEW & EXCLUSIVE $15.00, Pay Per Call Student loan web calls $20.00/ 1 minute buffer. AGED LEADS 30 DAYS - 6 MONTHS OLD $2.00, 6 MONTHS - 12 MONTHS $.50 EACH LEAD.

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